What is Amethyst & Faded Jeans?

A mentoring consultancy & blog, Amethyst & Faded Jeans is a spiritual & lifestyle guidance space created by Rosita W. Brooks, an intrinsic life engineer, self-transformation mentor & intuitive luminary.

Who is Rosita W. Brooks?

Hi, I’m Rosita, an Intrinsic Life Engineer, Self-Transformation Mentor & Intuitive Luminary, focusing on the mind, body, spirit, and soul. I offer mentoring services that help others with personal advancement, examining their life and relationships, and listening to their built in bullshit detector.

The past eleven years of my life have been dedicated to servitude, communication, and leadership as a Police/Fire/911 Dispatcher. This career has served its place in my life well and is definitely on the highlight reel of my life. However, it is now evident that it has served its purpose and it is time for me to move on and use my gifts and learned skills in a different embodiment.

I thought walking away from a career I was enthralled in for more than a decade would take some major mulling over, yet little did I know, it was quite easy.  I guess it would be easy if the purpose has been fulfilled. It gives a sense of completion that makes it effortless to close the book and began another. When it all began I was so timid when it came to serving the public and a short while after, it became second nature and gave me purpose. I truly enjoyed being the first responder, the “calm voice” on the other end of the phone. I was madly in love with being of service to others. Who would have thought it? Not me, for sure. I was never a people person. Being face to face daily with the public, coworkers, and other agencies, helped me become at ease being around others. It became easy to strike up a conversation. I began welcoming new connections, sometimes being the initiator.

In learning so many new things about myself, I discovered my love for seeing people attack life at their fullest potential.  I became a seeker of ways to serve others and clichéingly make the world a better place. I see things now, voids and the needs of our society, and I think up ways to which I can address them studiously. I became a visionary and a confident creative.

That career awakened a passion in me I never knew I had and paved the way for what was to come. Without knowing, I cultivated my purpose in that almost 12-year run. With each year I built and fine-tuned the skills necessary for the next chapter of my life and I am absolutely excited at the sheer idea of being the force that changes someone’s life in the most positive and beneficial way.

Why life mentoring? 

To help others, specifically women of color, authentically curate and build their desired lifestyle through inner work, self-transformation, healing, creativity, learning and aligning with their purpose.

My Mission

My mission is to guide others to who they truly are, what they are her to be, and assist them in creating the life they so desire.

The goal of my consultancy and blog is not to provide a limited service. I want to create a supportive bond and build strong relationships, strengthening the potential of constant growth.

Although most of the posts and services were created with women of color in mind, there is always something that you can gain. We have the ability to take what resonates with us and leave the rest for someone else. So please never allow yourself to be close-minded and miss a message that could spark inspiration and change your life all due to the fact that the message was targeted toward a specific audience. I feel I should also say that I hope my chosen audience and clients does not offend or discourage you from reaching out to me for my services. Understand this, I believe my intuition. I believe my spiritual guides. Both have shown me that this audience needs what I have to say and that this is where my work is to be done. I will obey that and always give my best effort to stay aligned with my purpose.

This is my true intention and it will remain pure.

I look forward to working with you on achieving your goals and becoming the next best version of yourself.